Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yankees' Outfield

If you told me before the season, that at any point during this season, even September, that the Yankees' outfield would be Bubba Crosby, Bernie Williams, and Melky Carbrera, I would have said that is absolutely impossible.

Johnny Damon has a slight fracture in his foot, and while he's playing through it, Torre put him at DH with the day game after a night game, forcing Giambi and his hurt neck back into the field.

Johnny Damon has never been on the DL in his career, and has played an average of 151 games per season for the past 10 years. Gary Sheffield had played in at least 154 games each of the last three seasons. Hideki Matsui last missed a game in 1993 when he was a teenager. Melky, Bernie, and Bubba is not what I expected.

The Yankees' normal outfield payroll is $51 million for the season, their outfield payroll today, $2.2 million.

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