Thursday, May 04, 2006

TiVo... a blessing and a curse

So I had some stuff to do after work, so I didn't start watching the Red Sox game until 7:40-ish. No problem, though - I'm TiVoing it. I started watching the game from the start, and now I'm only through the first inning.

Here's the rub - I want to go online and check up on the other games. Maybe even watch the Yankees-Rays on But if I go to, I'm going to see the Red Sox score, no matter how much I try to avoid it.

Usually, I appreciate irony like that, but right now (with my girlfriend out of the house, allowing me to watch all the baseball I want), not so much...


Ross said...

The amount of baseball that is on is great. I have no kind of baseball package, but I have 4 games on right now. The local Yankees and Mets coverage, to go along with TBS and the Braves as well as the ESPN2 game (Astros-Cardinals) where I can see Pettitte and Pujols.

Sully said...

Wow - no cheap shot at the girlfriend out of the house comment... I under (over?) estimated you.