Saturday, May 13, 2006

"Soreness in Pitching Shoulder"

That's the reason the Yankees gave for putting Tanyon Sturtze on the DL after another ineffective outing. They used this as the excuse, because you are not allowed to put a player on the DL for "complete suckage." More than likely they just don't want to release him in case other people get injured and so he won't just go to another team where the Yankees are still the ones paying him.

It may come down to them releasing him eventually, as it does not seem he has a place on this roster. Octavio Dotel should be back in mid-June, and the Yankees have a slew of relievers in the minors pitching well. Including the player they just called up to take Tanyon's place, Scott Erickson. Erickson had one horrible relief appearance in Columbus, but other than that has looked great.

I liked when the Yankees signed him as I felt as he could be an effective relief pitcher. We're about to find out.

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Sully said...

Sounds like Sturtze has a torn rotator cuff and is out for the year. I guess it's not just that he sucks...