Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ross' Trade Proposal

Jaret Wright to the Mets for Evan MacLane and Kevin Tomasiewicz.

Because of an injury clause in Wright's contract, and the amount of time he spent on the Disabled List last season, he can be bought out after this season, so the Mets would not be on the hook for anything past this season.

Carl Pavano and Octavio Dotel are looking closer to coming back. The Yankees have nobody on their ML pitching staff with any options. That means two people have to go, and the only real candidates are Jaret Wright and Tanyon Sturtze. Jaret Wright may have pitched well enough in his last two starts for somebody to take him (especially an NL team where he might even stay effective).

Scott Proctor has pitched very well for the Yankees this season, and pitched very well as a starter this Spring Training, enough so that I would be willing to put him in the #7 starter slot. If there are injuries and Aaron Small and Scott Proctor have to join the rotaton, the Yankees have Matt Smith, Scott Erickson, and BJ Cox all pitching well enough to step into the bullpen.

As far as MacLane and Tomasiewicz, I don't think either would be described as anything more than a marginal prospect. They are both southpaws. MacLane is 23 and in AA-Binghamton, where he is 3-1 with a 4.64 ERA. In 33 innings he has 25 K's but only 2 walks allowed. He leads the Binghamton team in runs allowed (17) and Home Runs allowed (4). Tomasiewicz is 22 years old and in low-level A-Ball with Hagerstown where he is 3-0 with a 5.40 ERA. In 13.1 innings he has 14 K's and 2 walks allowed.

Warren, do we have a deal???


Sully said...

And if you like that deal, I've got some Rudy Seanez stock with your name on it...

Warren said...

Even with Jose Lima in the thanks. And that's saying something.

Ross said...

Fine. Just go with a pitcher who has actually set records for hideousness, instead of a guy who might pitch well in the National League.

I'm not even asking for actual prospects back.

We'll see after a few more 13-3 drubbings if you still feel that way.

Sully said...

Who's to say that Jaret Wright won't give you those same 13-3 drubbings? Maybe he is a better NL pitcher, or maybe he needs to pitch in a smaller market (although probably not, since he did alright in the '97 playoffs), or maybe he just sucks. I'm banking on option C. And for $7 million, I'd take my chances with Lima while I worked on a trade for a suitable MLB pitcher.