Tuesday, May 30, 2006

On Pace For...

Since we're rapidly approaching the point of the season where the "paces" aren't so ridiculous, we should take this last opportunity to look at the best and weird paces around baseball:

Oscar Villarreal: 22-0, 0 starts
Brandon Webb: 25-0
Josh Towers: 3-26

Chien-Ming Wang: 227 IP, 81 K
Jorge Julio: 73 IP, 114 K

Curt Schilling: 203 K, 28 BB
Seth McClung, 95 K, 114 BB

Albert Pujols: 82 HR, 209 RBI
Mike Lowell: 80 2B
Randy Winn: 6 SB, 16 CS
Angel Berroa: 602 PA, 7 BB
Juan Pierre: 729 PA, 13 RBI


Sully said...

Of all those stats, I think the Juan Pierre one is the funniest. That's an insane ratio...

Warren said...

Indeed. I traded for him in one of my roto leagues for steals, obviously, but I wouldn't mind if he generated some other value for me.

Ross said...

While we are talking about pace, let's not forget about Mr. Alfonso Soriano, who is on pace for 55 home runs this season (along with 37 stolen bases), when everybody thought he's have a power loss with his home games in Washington.

In his 23 games at home he has 11 home runs.

Home Runs at Home Pace:
Soriano: 39
Pujols: 40

That's good company.