Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Now it's a done deal has the Clemens story now - there's an 11am (Central) press conference to announce his official signing. He'll start pitching in mid-June for the bargain price of $14 million for the rest of the season.

So that ends the second-most annoying sub-plot of this season so far. Now if I could just get Barry Bonds off of my TV...

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Ross said...

It seems to be fun they made it a pro-rated amount with the base being $22,000,022, for good old #22.

This also means that for the length of an entire contract that Clemens has the second highest per month $ total, just behind ARod.

Considering ARod was 25 years old when he signed the contract and Clemens is 43 (and 44 within a couple of months) when he's signing the contract, that's not too shabby for the old guy.

ARod is currently in his 13th Major League season. The 13-year veteran was 8 years old when Clemens broke into the league.