Saturday, May 06, 2006

No talking in the dugout...

Twice this season I've called Ross to alert him of no-hitters in progress. Tonight it was Javier Vazquez's perfect game through five. A few weeks ago, it was Brian Bannister (sorry, Warren...). Both times, the pitcher in question blew the no-hitter AND the shutout in the very next inning.

So of course, the moral of the story is not to talk about no-hitters anywhere, with anyone, under any circumstances, until they're over. Except for that one time, at Ross' first game at Fenway, when Paul Abbott was no-hitting the Sox into the eighth and people in the bleachers were actually leaving the game before the first hit, when Ross and I both felt obligated to stand up and mock these people.

In a situation like that, it's okay. Otherwise, just leave it alone.

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Ross said...

And of course, if you're at the ballpark, no having a hot dog until the first hit has been given up.

I will never cave on this. If it had only happened once, maybe I would eventually relented. Twice, never.