Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Don't Mess with Melky

People are testing Melky's arm. He's already tied for the AL lead in outfield assists. He's been in the Majors for about 10 days.


Ross said...

The Major League leader is Alfonso Soriano with 7.

Sully said...

This is why Manny has been among the league leaders for the last few years - everyone runs on him. Soriano and Cabrera are unknown commodities, so runners/coaches decide to make them beat them. Eventually, guys will stop testing them, and those totals will fall.

As for Manny, he may or may not know the game situation, so they might as well run on him. His arm is weak, but it's accurate, and he's got a quick release. People have been running on him less this year, from what I can tell.

Ross said...

Melky's arm is okay, it's not great, but it is accurate. He's been getting his assists by accurately hitting the cutoff man, Jeter, and then Jeter throws the runner out.

That's how he did it last night at the plate. Jeter got Bubba Crosby an assist tonight when Bubba hit toward the line, and Jeter threw the runner out at second.