Friday, May 19, 2006

And now Jorge

Jorge Posada just left the game before the second inning. It was hard to tell what's wrong with him, but this is now starting to get ridiculous. I'm just hoping that he came out of the game because Randy Johnson gave up 3 runs in the first inning. It would be an odd move though as the Yankees don't have a 3rd string catcher and now Stinnett is batting in the middle of the lineup.


Ross said...

Tightness in his back is what they are saying about Posada. They are saying he's day-to-day. I still hope the back stiffness is just an excuse to get Stinnett behind the plate for Johnson, which would allow Posada to catch (and hit) tomorrow against Pedro.

Sully said...

The Mets network just reported that Posada has "tightness in his lower back" and is day-to-day.

I would assume that this means Mitch Jones is going back town to AAA and a catcher will be called up, unless he's ready to play tomorrow.

My question is, with a day game tomorrow, why did Posada even start tonight with Johnson pitching? That doesn't make sense.

Ross said...

Randolph chose a weird time to bring in Darren Oliver. He is a lefty and he brought him in against Jason Giambi, which seems normal. Giambi is lifetime 22-for-35 against Darren Oliver. Wow! That doesn't even include how ever many walks he may have against him. Oliver hit him with the first pitch.

With NL double switches and a 5-5 game through 3 innings, we're going to see a lot of players in this game tonight.

Ross said...

Kelly Stinnett is 2-for-2 so far and just drove in the go-ahead run. Don't mess with Yankee catchers.

Sully said...

I saw that Oliver-Giambi split, too. Very strange that Randolph would bring him in there. Although I guess you can't burn your lefty specialist in the 4th inning. You need someone to give you innings.

Reyes just got picked off of first, but Reyes ran his way out of it. He's back on first, but still. It could have been worse.